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    Method of correct use of INA bearing to prevent damage

    Posttime:2021-04-24    Hits:331
    The installation space of INA bearing can be accommodated in the bearing installation space. Because of the attention paid to the rigidity and strength of the shaft when designing the shaft system, it is generally determined that the shaft diameter is first, that is, the inner diameter of the bearing.However, there are many size series and types of rolling bearings, from which the appropriate bearing type should be selected.
    The bearing load is varied, such as the size of the load, whether it is only radial load, whether the axial load is one-way or two-way, the degree of vibration or impact, and so on.After considering these factors, choose the right bearing type.In general, the radial load capacity of bearings with the same inner diameter increases in the following order: deep groove ball bearings < angular contact ball bearings < cylindrical roller bearings < tapered roller bearings < self-aligning roller bearings.
    Speed can adapt to mechanical bearing type [to benchmark the threshold of the bearing rotating speed with speed limit, said its numerical presented in table] INA bearing size bearing limit rotational speed is not only to take on bearing type is limited to the bearing size, cage type, precision grade, load condition and lubrication method, etc., therefore, when the choice need to consider these factors.The following bearings are mostly used for high speed rotation: deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings.